Saratoga School’s Attendance Policies

Attendance information for the 23-24 school year:

All absences must be reported to Saratoga’s north office each day that the student(s) will be absent. To report absences before 8:00 AM please call 815-942-5970 and press 1 for the attendance line. After 8:00 AM you will be connected to the north office and a staff member will be able to assist you. An absence will be marked as excused as long as it is reported before the school day ends which is 2:45 PM. However, if the student has received multiple attendance letters or is a truancy referred student the absence may still be unexcused even if the absence has been reported. If an absence of a student is not reported the day of, it will be marked as an unexcused absence.


Kindergarten- 8th Grade:

Please report any absences to the north office, our phone number is 815-942-5970.