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Debi Schultz


Food Allergy and Wellness Policy

As required by Public Act 96-349, the Saratoga School Board has approved a policy and procedure for preventing and managing life-threatening allergic reactions at school.  A committee made up of Saratoga staff, administration, and parents have collaborated to create a District Food Allergy Management Program based on guidelines from the Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Department of Public Health.  This program is designed to help promote healthy lifestyles and to be proactive in preventing an allergic reaction to food. Student wellness, including good nutrition and physical activity, will be promoted at Saratoga through this policy by supporting and promoting good nutrition and physical activity for students. A list of approved foods has been created to minimize the risk of allergic reactions to food and to help promote healthy habits within the school. The following foods will be permitted within the school day:

Classroom Snacks

Fruits-Dried fruit / vegetables

Fruit Snacks


100% juices

Wheat thins

Plain Cheez-its

Graham crackers



Cheese nips


Animal Crackers


Graham crackers/Graham cracker sticks

Crackers and Cheese


Jerky, meat sticks


Cheese Sticks

Rice Cakes(No Nuts)

Veggies Straws/chips


Cheerios(No Nuts)

Chex(No Nuts)

Crispix(No Nuts)